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  • Yes, some more, but just a few. Things by their name will remain a small design cosmos. New products will continue being smart and simple, made unique, and finely crafted. I cannot comment any further on new products like strap, toy... ops! If you’d like to know about new product events, subscribe to the newsletter. Newsletters are very short, and they only happen now and then.

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  • Everything is made with wood, leather or wool. Only those three. Sometimes you need to add a metal hook, a ring or a rivet, but that’s it. The wood comes from pruned trees or up-cycled hardwood that I take my time to go hunting for. Premium quality full grain leather is vegetable tanned in a Spanish town where some small businesses keep the tradition alive. And the felt I use is 100% sheep's wool made nearby using processes which are environmentally friendly. I don’t aim at making things that will appeal to everyone. I aim at making finely crafted unique designs. Rethinking objects functionality and making them so they will last long and age beautifully. I hope that they will be remembered and never thrown away. I believe that loving the things that you use and using the things that you love brings a little magic into our lives.

  • I prefer to keep Leash leather untreated or lightly rubbed with an oil-free hand moisturizer. You should avoid leaving it exposed to rain, moisture or extreme temperatures. If eventually your Leash gets wet, let it dry naturally. The leather will become a bit stiffer. Once dry, apply a small amount of hand cream. That should bring back its lost flexibility. There is no need to do this often, though. In fact, in most cases, I would prefer to leave that job to your own hands' natural oils. The wood is almost untreated. Only an olive oil soap finish is applied. Eventually, with the passing of time, if you think the wooden surface has dried quite a bit, apply a very light amount of wood treatment oil with a cloth. However, the wood block is small and that could make it fragile. Avoid hitting it on hard surfaces. Both Leash leather and wood are sturdy to withstand daily use and some abuse. But over time they will show signs of wear. Don’t worry, that’s the whole idea. Treasure Leash and it will keep its strength while becoming smoother. It will age nicely together with your best friend. Daily use will make it acquire a beautiful ever-changing patina which will tell its legendary story.