Every Keyring has a Unique Character 

We all carry with us a unique thing - a particular set of keys. 

Each set of keys is a manifest map of our lives. And they ring out with their own singular melody.


Everyday Things 

Many of the objects we use daily create a background noise of continuous small inconveniences. 

While good design will render objects that feel transparent or in harmony with their purpose… Very few everyday things are also designed to be delightful.


Your Silent Companion

A keyring is always there. 

You can pretend it doesn’t exist, or you can consider it a unique and beautiful friend for life.


Strongly Sweet

Leather and wood feel good... and age better. The leather slides through the wood in practical and playful inspiration.


Love at First Sight

There are simply not two Keyring alike: large or small metal rings, different sizes in the wood piece...

Things talk, and sometimes they sing…  just for you.



All “things by their name” come with a hand stamped Storytag on them.

The first number stands for the year in which it was crafted. The other four digits are there just for “number fun”… a reminder of the uniqueness of your keyring. 


Made in a Mediterranean Island


Premium quality vegetable-tanned full grain leather.

Tanned in a slow process which respects the environment and results in a leather with superior qualities.

Each keyring leather piece is then matured with sunlight for different periods of time. This gives different colour tones to match different wood types.


Wood sources, treated like precious fossils, are found in small stocks around the island.

The wood is only treated with a final olive oil soap finish.

The leather line easily slides through the woody character. You can use the leather loop feature to hook the keyring into all sort of places or just to play with it.


Fruit trees, up-cycled old doors... even a dry island offers plenty of possibilities for high quality, sustainable wood sources. 

5.5 mm diameter round leather line.

Black plated metal rings.

Vulcanised paper, and buffalo horn inserts. The horn used is a byproduct of animals farmed for food.