Take Pride In Your Things

I can’t put my finger on what it is. Maybe it's the size, the kerf cuts pattern, its tactile appeal… 

One thing is true: wallets follow us everywhere, and that’s why it is a good place to start being radical. 

Love your everyday use things, and use the things you love.



A two sleeve card case wallet. Premium leather completely wraps your cards, while banknotes can be quickly accessed.   

As they say: Less is more… and surprisingly fun too. 


When You are Part of the Design

Your pockets are part of the idea here. No matter how much you stretch or deform the leather, sliding it into your pocket will keep it flat and in shape.

We like to say: Everyday things are a pleasure when they are simple, beautiful and smart.


Kerf Cut Leather

Wallet does something beyond expectation; it works great with minimal content, or loads of it. 

Precise kerf cutting converts premium leather into an elastic material, but also adds a cool printed looks to it. 

The final cutting process is made by hand, so it ensures a perfect finish.


Measure Twice, Wrap Once

A wool felt core wrapped in a single leather piece. Solid, hand made and without folding parts.

Meaningful objects are well design things, but also made with the best techniques at the right time.


Tough Outside, Soft Inside

Wool and leather in harmony. 

Threads and wool add a matching colour accent to the leather.

The veg tan leather is extremely strong and durable, and the soft felt gives the right grip.



Every single wallet is a one of a kind object. The Storytag is a stamped code, and a proof of that uniqueness.

With time Wallet will get darker, develop a richer glaze, get small scratches and scuffs… it all goes into creating an epic object which reflects your life story. Picking your Wallet is choosing how you would like to begin that story.


Made on a Mediterranean Island


Premium quality veg tan full grain leather made from European cowhide. Tanned by a small business (Seville), with a long tradition for high end leathers. Produced with no evil chemistry and in a slow process which respects the environment and results in a leather with superior qualities.

Veg tan natural, black, neutral grey, deep blue, and bottle green leathers. The natural leather colour is matured with sunlight, not chemicals.


100% wool felt (made in Barcelona). Obtained and produced from sustainable and ecological sources. A material with a practically zero environmental impact. 


Super strong nylon threads in a wide range of colours.


Flexible and durable high end leather side paint (not applied to every Wallet).


Up to 18 cards (Embossed cards count as 2). 105 x 80 x 6 mm